Meat Processing

Meat Processing requires a variety of working temperatures along with substantial volumes of hot water. Innovative design, novel funding arrangements and government grants allows Ashgrove to design, fund, install and operate a Low Carbon Energy Centre to replace your existing chillers and boilers while guaranteeing up to 50%* savings on your operating costs.

Through analysis of your existing chilling, heating and hot water demands, Ashgrove can provide a site specific ESCo solution for your Meat Processing Operation, allowing you to benefit from:

  • Zero Capital Expenditure
  • Zero Maintenance Costs
  • Low Risk – 100% Back Up
  • Guaranteed Immediate Savings*
  • Reduced Electricity Costs by 65%*
  • Reduced Carbon Output (circa 80% Saving of tonnes of CO₂/kWh)
  • Protection against Possible Future Carbon Taxes
  • Proven and known technology

In order to establish if the ESCo Solution will work for your project we will follow the process below.

Step 1 – We will begin with a no-obligation desktop study which we will estimate savings we could offer to you using your energy consumption from the past 12 months.

Step 2 – Preliminary Proposal will provide estimated savings for your system using initial data on your current chilling, heating and hot water consumption.

Step 3 – Once suitability has been established a detailed investigation will be conducted including site visits and in-depth analyses where we will firmly establish what savings that can be offered.

Step 4 – Detailed proposal.

*Dependent on energy consumption and costs.