Piggeries utilise heating to ensure optimal temperatures for the animals. Innovative design, novel funding arrangements and government grants allows Ashgrove to design, fund, install and operate a Low Carbon Energy Centre to replace your existing chillers and boilers while guaranteeing up to 50%* savings on your operating costs.

Through analysis of your existing chilling, heating and hot water demands, Ashgrove can provide an site specific ESCo solution for your abattoir, allowing you to benefit from:

  • Zero Capital Expenditure
  • Zero Maintenance Costs
  • Low Risk – 100% Back Up
  • Guaranteed Immediate Savings*
  • Reduced Electricity Costs by 65%*
  • Reduced Carbon Output (circa 80% Saving of tonnes of CO₂/kWh)
  • Protection against Possible Future Carbon Taxes
  • Proven and known technology

In order to establish if the ESCo Solution will work for your project we will follow the process below.

Step 1 – We will begin with a no-obligation desktop study which we will estimate savings we could offer to you using your energy consumption from the past 12 months.

Step 2 – Preliminary Proposal will provide estimated savings for your system using initial data on your current chilling, heating and hot water consumption.

Step 3 – Once suitability has been established a detailed investigation will be conducted including site visits and in-depth analyses where we will firmly establish what savings that can be offered.

Step 4 – Detailed proposal.

*Dependent on energy consumption and costs.