Commercial Heat Pumps

A limitless amount of solar energy is absorbed into the ground every day. We can utilise this vast amount of free energy with a ground source heat pump, to provide heating, cooling and hot water. Coils of plastic pipe buried 1m below the surface absorbs this free energy and transfers this free energy to the heat pump which then, with a small amount of electricity, converts this free geothermal energy into high temperature water for space heating and hot water production.

For every 1 unit of electricity we use in the heat pump, nature provides 4 units for FREE, thus giving unbeatable efficiencies of over 500%. The cost of heating your home and hot water using this technology is up to 80% less than oil or gas.

Thermia Mega

Thermia Mega

Maximum performance and best all round economy

Thermia Mega is a commercial heat pump designed as a beacon of best all round economy. The result is a heat pump with an inverter controlled compressor a total output of up to 88kW and the highest SPF on the market. You can connect 16 Mega XL units together to achieve a total heating effect of up to 1408kW.

Our inverter technology makes Mega an extremely flexible and versatile product, which can be installed and used in all types of properties whatever the conditions. Each solution can be tailored to meet your full heating and hot water needs.

The inverter technology which continuously adjusts the heat pumps output to current demand, means that the heat pump can supply 100% of your energy requirements. This in turn means that you will avoid having to pay for any expensive auxiliary heating. Thanks to the inverter control you can also operate installations with different heating and hot water demands without the need for additional volume tanks. This will lower installation costs and reduce the space needed for the system. Hot gas exchangers as standard make hot water production extra cost effective.

The main aim when developing Mega was to create a powerful control system. Monitoring and control can be performed directly on the heat pumps newly designed colour touch screen, as well as via a web interface, and upstream control system or via mobile.

  • Up to 80% savings on heating costs
  • Up to 30% energy savings with Inverter Scroll Technology
  • 100% of energy requirements without auxiliary heater, up to 1408kW
  • New, powerful control system with color touch screen
  • Designed and built in Sweden from top-quality European components